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Ep. 4 with Mario Gallego (Audio)

Aaron Bolton welcomes his best, best, best friend Mario Gallego for a very special episode of 38 at 38. This episode highlights Aaron and Mario’s earliest job they shared at a junk yard where they somehow managed to survive run-ins with heavy machinery, gasoline fires, and toxic cleaning chemicals.

Ep. 3 with Connor Swalm of Phin Security (Audio)

Aaron Bolton welcomes Connor Swalm of Phin Secuirty for episode three of 38 at 38. The two share tales from their earliest “employment” history and investment deals involving flipping homes, new motorcycles and… crack rocks?!

Ep. 2 with Vicky Bruns of ConnectWise (Audio)

Aaron Bolton welcomes former co-worker Vicky Bruns of ConnectWise for episode two of 38 at 38. They exchange their harrowing worst job stories involving group interviews, locker rooms, and the yellow pages.

Ep. 1 with Callen Sapien of Sophos (Audio)

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