Join us for a new episode of MSP Dispatch featuring special guest Dave Sobel, host of The Business of Tech Podcast, as we discuss CEO charged with sale of counterfeit Cisco devices, Apple’s new lockdown security mode, and Austin McChord’s view on the #Kaseya, Datto Acquisition.

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Hosted by: Tony Francisco and Ray Orsini featuring Special Guest, Dave Sobel, Host of The Business of Tech podcast.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 CEO Charged with Counterfeit Sales
5:51 Apple Lockdown Mode
11:25 Austin McChord’s Take on Datto
13:26 Guest Dave Sobel
25:43 Notable Mentions
26:38 Feedback
27:32 Community Events
28:42 Sign-off
29:10 MSP Dispatch Outtakes!

Story Links:
CEO charged with sale of counterfeit #Cisco devices to govt, health orgs

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Austin McChord’s take on the #Datto acquisition

The biggest losers from #Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos

Community Events:

7/12 @ 1:00 pm ET | Tradecraft Tuesday: Bang For Your Buck – How Hackers Make Money
7/12 @ 1:00 pm ET | Everything MSP / OITVOIP Webinar: 10 VoIP Myths For MSPs
7/13 @ 12:00 pm ET | Build IT Better MSP Discussion Group
7/14 @ 6:30 pm ET | The Tech Bar Podcast Ep. 39 with Will Young of Bering McKinley
7/15 @ 10:00 am ET | MSP Dispatch Week Wrap Up Presented By The MSP Media Network
7/19 @ 1:00 pm ET | The Evolution of The Huntress Managed Security Platform & What’s Next

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