On today’s MSP Dispatch, we’re unpacking the recently discovered bug in Progress’s MOVEit FTP software, the rise of AI “Sextortion,” and the upcoming price hike on Reddit’s API and the controversy and fallout that’s resulted.

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0:00 Teaser

0:56 Intro Banter

4:36 Mass Exploitation of Zero-Day Bug in MOVEit File Transfer Underway

10:13 Sextortionists Are Making AI Nudes From Your Social Media Images

15:34 Reddit Insists on Being “Fairly Paid” Amid API Price Protest plans, Layoffs

21:48 60K+ Android Apps Have Delivered Adware Undetected for Months

22:53 Microsoft Preps $425M Payment for LinkedIn GDPR Violations

23:50 Easily Exploitable Microsoft Visual Studio Bug Opens Developers to Takeover

24:52 Cisco Fixes AnyConnect Bug Giving Windows SYSTEM Privileges

25:52 AI Roundup: Runway’s Powerful Gen-2 Text-to-Video Tool Now Available to Everyone for Free

27:52 Community Events

29:18 Sign-off

32:16 Outtakes