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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover a critical Barracuda 0-Day that was used to backdoor network for 8 months, Which businesses are subject to the new FTC Safeguards rule and Kaseya reveals Cysurance partnership behind it’s new cyber insurance fast track program.

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0:00 Teaser

0:46 Intro Banter

4:36 Critical Barracuda 0-Day Was Used to Backdoor Networks for 8 Months

9:51 Which Businesses Are Subject to the New FTC Safeguards Rule?

15:41 Kaseya Reveals Cysurance Partnership Behind Its New Cyber Insurance Fast Track Program

20:59 Ransomware Attack on US Dental Insurance Giant Exposes Data of 9 Million Patients

21:55 421M Spyware Apps Downloaded Through Google Play

22:48 Microsoft Finds macOS Bug That Lets Hackers Bypass Sip Root Restrictions

23:53 Millions of PC Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

24:48 AI Roundup

26:38 Community Events

27:35 Sign-off

30:01 Outtakes