MSP Dispatch Special Report: ConnectWise PitchIT 2023 Class

Join Ray Orsini and Sean Lardo to discuss the ConnectWise 2023 PitchIT Class.

ConnectWise Announces the Companies Selected for the PitchIT Class of 2023

Three contestants from this group will present their innovative solutions on stage at IT Nation Connect 2023; Winners receive $100K in prize money!

For more information please visit:

Aquila Clouds, a cloud financial management solution based out of San Ramon, CA

BeeCastle, a Client Relationship solution from Sydney, Australia

Binox MSP, a sales optimization tool located in Garden City, NY

Bizzity, a sales process solution from Yorktown Heights, NY

ChatStyle, a ChatOps solution for MSPs, based out of Charlotte, NC

Compliance Risk, a policy management software company from Dover, NH

DataStream Insurance, a cyber insurance and resilience company based in Sunnyvale, CA

DefensX, a zero-trust security solution located in New York City, NY

FortMesa, a security enablement toolset platform based out of Spencertown, NY

GetKambium, a cloud-based sales and QBR solution located in Auckland, New Zealand

GrokStream, an AIOps platform based out of Dallas, TX

Hacware, a smart security awareness training solution from Dallas, TX

Kamanja, a compliance as a service solution from Tel Aviv, Israel

Monjur, a contracts as a service solution located in Southlake, TX

MPSToolbox, an e-commerce for technology resellers solution in Kingston, Ontario

MSP Camp, a marketing campaign for MSPs solution from Lakeland, FL

Nodeware, a vulnerability scanner and network assessment solution from Pittsford, NY

Orpheus Cyber, a threat intelligence and vulnerability management platform, London, UK

Phalanx, a zero-trust data access platform based in Arlington, VA

Riskatto, ransomware readiness software solution from Castle Rock, CO

SalesMaturIT, a sales process management solution located in Saratoga Springs, NY

Scalable MSP, an OML-centric business optimization company from Lancashire, England

Symoda, an MSP-centric communications solution based in Ottawa, Ontario

Telivy, a cybersecurity risk assessment company from San Francisco, CA

Thread, a service collaboration platform from New York, NY

vCIO Toolbox, a key account management and risk management solution in Essex, CT

ZenContract, an MSP contract management tool from Auckland, New Zealand