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On this live special report edition of MSP Dispatch, Our host Ray Orsini sits down with Alex Farling, Partner & Community Lead at Lifecycle Insights and Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad to discuss the recent Lifecycle Insights acquisition by ScalePad.

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  • 4/20 @ 2:00 pm ET | How To Grow Your Cybersecurity MRR Using Referrals
  • 4/24 – 4/27 In Person Event | RSA: San Francisco, CA
  • 4/24 – 4/27 In Person Event | Connect IT Global: Las Vegas, NV

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  • ICYMI | AI Roundup Episode 007: Can’t Feel My Face When I’m Eating AI Corndogs
  • 4/26 @ 1:00 pm ET | MSP Dispatch Special Report | Mergers and Acquisitions: An Employees Insider Perspective
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