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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover, how to use ChatGPT to write code, Windows 11 snipping tool privacy bug exposed cropped image content, and CISA warns on unpatched ICS vulnerabilities lurking in critical infrastructure.

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  • 3/24 @ 12:00 pm ET | Channel Engage: Incorporating Open AI into Managed Services: Opportunities and Challenges
  • 3/26 – 3/28 In Person Event | TAG National: Charleston, NC
  • 3/28 – 3/29 In Person Event | Pax8 Security Bootcamp: Kansas City, MO

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  • 3/29 @ 10:00 am ET | AI Roundup Episode 4.
  • 3/30 @ 6:30 pm ET | The Tech Bar Podcast Ep. 55 with Marvin Bee of Uncle Marv’s IT Business Podcast
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0:00 Teaser

0:55 Intro Banter

5:09 How to Use ChatGPT to Write Code

11:45 Windows 11 Snipping Tool Privacy Bug Exposes Cropped Image Content

17:26 CISA Warns on Unpatched ICS Vulnerabilities Lurking in Critical Infrastructure

23:35 Notable Mentions

28:01 AI Roundup

29:27 Feedback

30:17 Community Events

31:16 Sign-off

33:26 Outtakes