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On this episode of MSP Dispatch featuring special guest Sharon Martin of Huntress we cover, Outlook’s newest CVE-2023-23397, how google won’t honor medical leave during layoffs, and Microsoft announcing Copilot: The AI-Powered future of office documents.

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  • 3/20 – 3/21 In Person Event | MES Xchange Security: Indianapolis, IN
  • 3/22 – 3/23 In Person Event | ASCII MSP Success Summit: Buckhead, GA
  • 3/24 @ 12:00 pm ET | Channel Engage: Incorporating Open AI into Managed Services: Opportunities and Challenges

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0:00 Teaser

0:56 Intro Banter

4:07 Everything We Know About CVE-2023-23397

14:35 Google Won’t Honor Medical Leave During Its Layoffs, Outraging Employees

21:11 Microsoft Announces Copilot: The AI-Powered Future of Office Documents

27:44 Notable Mentions

30:59 Resource of the Week

32:11 Feedback

33:15 Community Events

34:14 Sign-off

36:55 Outtakes