AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Encased in Resin - AI Roundup Ep. 18 (Audio)

On today’s AI Roundup, we’re bringing back another segment of AI Alert! involving politicians in compromising AI images and grandmothers preserved in resin. Plus, Valve is banning games with AI art assets, AI chatbots are ready to replace receptionists, and we ask the question: are we living in the fourth industrial revolution?

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0:00 Teaser

0:39 Intro

Actual Impact:

1:50 AI is filling up the internet with garbage spam sites

3:04 Valve is reportedly banning games featuring AI generated content

5:02 Slang taps AI to answer phone calls for brick-and-mortar businesses

Big Picture:

7:12 A.I. is not all hype. It’s the ‘fourth industrial revolution playing out,’ says Wedbush’s Dan Ives

8:48 Ranking Industries by Their Potential for AI Automation

10:19 Dow Jones Futures: Techs Fall As AI Chip Export Ban Report Hits Nvidia, AMD

Use Case:

12:56 Artist Banned by Midjourney Over Fake ‘Photos’ of Cheating Politicians

14:54 Grandmother Preserved in Resin