No, Paul didn’t say that! It’s just a spoof on John Lennon’s famous and controversial remark “We’re more popular than Jesus now.” On today’s AI Roundup, we’ll be talking about Paul and John and how AI made “the final Beatles record” possible. Plus, AI in your Amazon reviews, the church, and even your QR codes!

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0:00 Teaser

0:37 Opening

1:04 Amazon is using generative A.I. to summarize product reviews

1:59 AI-powered church service in Germany draws a large crowd

3:03 Sir Paul McCartney says artificial intelligence has enabled a ‘final’ Beatles song

4:59 Homework will ‘never be the same,’ says ChatGPT founder

6:31 UK to get ‘early or priority access’ to AI models from Google and OpenAI

8:10 The AI feedback loop: Researchers warn of ‘model collapse’ as AI trains on AI-generated content

10:28 Meta open sources an AI-powered music generator

15:01 Stable Diffusion QR Codes

19:19 Sign-off and 1 Year of AI Art Reflections