AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
ChatGPT: The Voltron of LLMs - AI Roundup Ep. 11 (Audio)

In today’s AI Roundup, more legal and regulation ramifications are in the news for AI tech. Plus Google makes major announcements of AI infusion to almost all their offerings. And last but not least, we get to test drive some ChatGPT plugins.

Hosted by: Phil Buck

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0:00 Teaser

0:46 Opening

1:31 Actual Impact: The C.E.O. of OpenAI Heads to Congress to Discuss Rules for A.I.

5:22 The Big Picture: All the AI Announcements from Google I/O 2023

8:59 Use Case: ChatGPT Plugins

13:49 Sign-off