38 at 38 (Audio)
38 at 38 (Audio)
Ep. 10 with Matthew F. Fox of MSP Media Network (Audio)

Matthew F. Fox, MMN’s Creative Director, joins Aaron for episode ten of 38 at 38 to share and bond over some of their worst job experiences (and movie references.)

Matt takes us on a journey through paintball gun-induced run-ins with the cops, data centers in Chinatown NYC, why he has a triforce-shaped scar, and chicken nuggets (of course.)

Not to be outdone, Aaron gives us the skinny on the beeper store wars of the 90s, his famous “Cuban’s sandwiches” – and even a recurring bad boy in multiple episodes of COPS.

New episodes of 38 at 38 release every first Friday of the month.

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0:00 Banter

4:31 Introductions

9:24 Matt’s Worst Work Experience

21:56 Matt’s Reflections

25:21 Aaron’s Wost Job Story

48:31 Aaron’s Reflections

50:34 Matt’s First Job Story

52:50 Sign-off