MSP Community Live (Audio)
MSP Community Live (Audio)
MSP Community Live | Ep. 35: 5/10/2024

Don’t miss this week’s episode of MSP Community Live, airing on Friday, May 10th at 11:00 am ET.

Host Ray Orsini is back in action alongside Kyle Spooner, ready to delve into the hottest threads and topics in the MSP Community this week.

Don’t miss out on their insights and valuable discussions to help you stay informed and ahead in the industry!

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5:26 Intro


10:27 PSA: When onboarding a new client, make sure all the old MSP accounts are deactivated or forward to your company.

12:47 Beware the Bait: Sneaky Scam Slips Through Contact Page!

19:43 Can CoPilot Help MSPs?

25:36 Documentation

Create a KB Article

34:54 Triage and Dispatch