The Tech Bar (Audio)
The Tech Bar (Audio)
The Tech Bar Ep. 72 Cinco de Mayo Special with Luis Giraldo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us on this special episode of The Tech Bar! Join your hosts, Super Cousin Danny and Powerhouse Ray, as we welcome Luis Giraldo of Scalepad! This episode is packed with a variety of entertaining segments, from an introduction to Colombian liquor ‘aguardiente’ to the ‘Lightning Round’ where Luis shares his love for pancakes, followed by a philosophical reflection on life’s priorities inspired by a choice of superpowers. Don’t miss the fun ‘Bars or Bots’ game where participants guess whether lyrics are real or AI-generated. Luis also shares his rich background in music, delving into his career origins and touring with Shakira.

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Luis Giraldo:  


04:55 – Cinco de Mayo Special Introduction

06:34 – Host Introductions: Powerhouse Ray and Super Cousin Danny

07:10 – Comparing Podcast Hosts: The Basement Yard vs The Tech Bar

09:55 – Exploring Colombian Liquor

14:01 – Luis Giraldo’s Introduction and Background

17:00 – Mixing Tequila with Unusual Ingredients

19:19 – Cinco de Mayo Toast and Discussions

24:21 – Commercial Break: Hold Music Remix App

27:21 – Game Introduction and Word of the Day

29:22 – Introduction to the Lightning Round

29:33 – Luis Discusses His Favorite Movie The Firm

30:28 – Pancake Discussion: Swedish vs Regular

32:17 – Superhero Powers Discussion

35:23 – Philosophical Reflections on Life and Legacy

40:03 – Dinner with Someone Across Time

45:12 – Favorite Taco Proteins Debate

48:25 – Importance of Travel in Broadening Perspectives

51:16 – Diversity of Latin American Communities in Vancouver

52:44 – Humorous Discussion on the Word Shat

53:25 – Luis Pronounces Shat in a Humorous Manner

53:59 – Jokes Involving Shakira

55:07 – Luis’s Preference for Mountains Over Beaches

57:02 – Job Roles and Hypothetical Situations

58:11 – Deep Dive into Finance and Tax Codes

01:00:00 – Luis Giraldo’s Music Career Origins

01:03:01 – Luis’s Experience with a Rock Band

01:06:14 – Technical Aspects of Musical Equipment

01:08:20 – Microphones, Audio Interfaces, and Audio Quality

01:10:35 – Personal Preferences in Audio Equipment

01:15:11 – Custom Leather Folios Discussion

01:15:25 – Introduction to Bars or Bots Game

01:16:05 – Explaining Bars or Bots Rules

01:17:00 – First Round of Bars or Bots

01:18:04 – Second Lyric Challenge in Bars or Bots

01:19:27 – Continuation of Bars or Bots Game

01:23:28 – Outcome of Bars or Bots Game

01:25:18 – Discussion on Spotify Music and Appreciation

01:26:55 – Upcoming Events Announcement

01:27:39 – Luis Discusses Recent Activities and Future Plans

01:29:38 – Community Impact and Sharing Wisdom in the MSP Space

01:32:06 – Origin and Mission of MSP Confidential Podcast

01:34:39 – Historical Context of the MSP Community

01:36:15 – Closing Remarks and Future Event Teasers