MSP Dispatch (Audio)
MSP Dispatch (Audio)
US Disrupts Chinese Botnet, Cloudflare Hacked via Okta Attack, AMD Bets on AI-Powered PCs | 2/6/24

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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover U.S. government disrupts Chinese Botnet in critical infrastructure hack, Cloudflare hacked using auth tokens stolen in Okta attack, AMD bets on AI-Powered PCs as Artificial intelligence race with Nvidia, Intel heats up.

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  • 2/5 – 2/9 In-Person Event | Cisco LIVE! – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2/5 – 2/9 In-Person Event | IT Nation Evolve: St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2/7 @ 11:30 am ET | The 2024 Marketing Plan To Finally Make $1 Million in Your IT Business

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0:00 Teaser

0:47 Intro Banter

2:17 U.S. Government Disrupts Chinese Botnet in Critical Infrastructure Hack 

8:16 Cloudflare Hacked Using Auth Tokens Stolen in Okta Attack

13:53 AMD Bets on AI-Powered PCs As AI Race With Nvidia, Intel Heats Up

20:42 macOS Malware Campaign Showcases Novel Delivery Technique

21:34 Google Will No Longer Back Up the Internet: Cached Webpages Are Dead

22:10 New Windows Event Log Zero-Day Flaw Gets Unofficial Patches

22:58 Google Maps Is Getting ‘Supercharged’ With Generative AI

23:33 Resource of the Week

24:09 Feedback

25:32 Community Events

27:06 Sign-off

29:40 Outtakes