MSP Dispatch (Audio)
MSP Dispatch (Audio)
Microsoft's Cyberattack Guidance, NSA Admits Spying, SolarWinds Seeks SEC Suit Dismissal | 1/30/2024

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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover Microsoft’s new guidance in response to the recent ‘Midnight Blizzard’ cyberattack which hacked corporate leadership accounts, NSA admitting to purchasing Americans’ sensitive data to spy on them and SolarWinds seeking dismissal of the SEC Cybersecurity lawsuit.

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  • 2/1 @ 9:30 am ET | Join Global Thought Leaders for SonicWall Channel Forecast 2024
  • 2/1 @ 11:00 am ET | Pineapple Danger 2024 Presented by ThreatLocker
  • 2/1 @ 1:00 pm ET | Top 2023 Cyberthreats to Watch for in 2024 Presented by Barracuda MSP

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  • 2/2 @ 5:00 pm ET | 38 at 38 Episode 21 with Chris Kinman of RexMD

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0:00 Teaser

0:53 Intro Banter

2:33 Microsoft Shares New Guidance in Wake of ‘Midnight Blizzard’ Cyberattack

8:09 NSA Finally Admits to Spying on Americans by Purchasing Sensitive Data

14:06 SolarWinds Seeks Dismissal of ‘Unfounded’ SEC Cybersecurity Suit

19:00 Blackwood Hackers Hijack WPS Office Update To Install Malware

19:47 OpenAI Drops Prices and Fixes ‘Lazy’ GPT-4 That Refused To Work

20:36 Cisco Unified Communications Flaw Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code

21:30 Beeper’s Push for iMessage on Android Is Really Over

22:08 Resource of the week

22:24 Feedback

24:48 Community Events

26:22 Sign-off

27:55 Outtakes