MSP Community Live (Audio)
MSP Community Live (Audio)
MSP Community Live | Ep. 19: 12/08/23

In Episode 19 of MSP Community Live, hosts Ray Orsini and Kyle Spooner, joined by Goots, delve into a festive discussion about the holiday season, showcasing their holiday attire and touching on global celebrations. The episode then shifts to the upcoming MSP GeekCon event, emphasizing its educational and community-building aspects, and the RejectionCon event, highlighting its charitable focus. A significant part of the discussion revolves around client negotiations and pricing strategies in the MSP space, particularly how to handle requests for reduced billing. The hosts also address the challenges and concerns faced by employees in the wake of an MSP acquisition, discussing the potential impacts and the importance of effective communication. Additionally, they explore the inclusion of proactive monitoring in MSP agreements, especially for services like Microsoft 365, and share strategies for upselling cybersecurity services. The episode wraps up with a reminder of the value of community engagement and learning in the MSP industry, encouraging continuous improvement and participation in upcoming events.

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