Wins and Losses (Audio)
Wins and Losses (Audio)
Wins and Losses | Episode 12: Balancing Health, Travel, and Professional Networking

Ray Orsini and Jason Slagle recount their recent travels, highlighting the value of uneventful trips and the challenges they face in maintaining workout routines amidst busy schedules and post-travel fatigue. The discussion also includes the importance of setting achievable fitness goals and the commitment required to adhere to these routines. Reflecting on their experiences at IT Nation Connect, they delve into the nuances of social interactions and networking dynamics. The conversation also emphasizes the significance of making healthy lifestyle choices, both in diet and exercise, while maintaining a balance between indulgence and discipline. Furthermore, the hosts touch upon the crucial aspect of mental health and self-care, underscoring the necessity of finding equilibrium between work, personal life, and health. The episode wraps up with thoughts on the value of community support and the benefits of sharing experiences and advice, offering a mix of personal anecdotes and practical advice for a healthy lifestyle amidst professional demands.

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