MSP Community Live (Audio)
MSP Community Live (Audio)
MSP Community Live | Ep. 17: 10/27/23

In this episode of MSP Community Live, Kyle Spooner and Marnie Stockman discuss the often-overlooked aspects of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the role of Customer Success Managers (CSMs). The episode kicks off with Marnie sharing her journey from a high school math teacher to the CEO of Lifecycle Insights. The hosts then delve into the metrics and indicators that MSPs can use to evaluate client relationships, such as ticket numbers and types. They also explore the importance of hiring a CSM early on and the challenges that come with transitioning responsibilities from the owner to the CSM. The conversation shifts to the role of AI in customer success, compliance issues, and the qualities that make a good CSM. They emphasize the need for being proactive in customer success and discuss the concept of “unsuspected churn,” advising that MSPs should see client losses coming and prepare accordingly. The episode wraps up with a discussion on “stack alignment” and the importance of how a company ends a client relationship. Don’t miss this episode for a comprehensive look into the world of MSPs, covering everything from client metrics to the role of AI and compliance in customer success.

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