The Tech Bar (Audio)
The Tech Bar (Audio)
The Tech Bar Ep. 64 with Trevor Thomas of ZenContract

A spicy episode of The Tech Bar filled with laughs, great drinks, and even chicken wings with Trevor Thomas, the VP of Sales for ZenContract. Plus, we’re joined by special guest host Alex Boyd of OITVOIP! The gang unpacks trade show experiences, the challenges of setting up booths, and even some explosive stories about dogs and glow sticks. The crew share their love for Star Wars and even quiz each other on lightsaber trivia. Trevor talks about his past as a sponsored breakdancer and his time at Burning Man.

Events take a fiery turn when Trevor challenges Ray and Alex to taste “Spontaneous Combustion,” a hot sauce with a Scoville rating of 500,000!!

And last but not least, we get new installments of fan favorites “Bars or Bots” and “Florida or Not Florida.” 

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