MSP Dispatch (Audio)
MSP Dispatch (Audio)
MSP Dispatch 8/15/23: Lapsus$ SIM-Swapping Attacks, Art of Machine Unlearning, NYC’s Cyber Strategy

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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover, how Lapsus$ hackers took SIM-Swapping attacks to the next level, The critical art of teaching AI to forget with machine unlearning, and discuss New York’s ‘First-Ever’ cyber strategy.

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  • 8/15 In Person Event | Kaseya + DattoSales & Marketing Series: Detroit, MI
  • 8/16 @ 1:00 pm ET | MSP Insiders Presented by Blumira
  • 8/15 – 8/17 In Person Event | 7 Figure MSP Live: Chicago, IL

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  • 8/15 @ 1:00 pm ET | PitchIT Vendor Spotlight: Aquila Clouds & Sales MaturIT
  • 8/15 @ 7:30 pm ET | Wins and Losses Episode 5
  • 8/16 @ 10:00 am ET | AI Roundup Episode 23
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0:00 Teaser

0:53 Intro Banter

3:26 Lapsus$ Hackers Took SIM-Swapping Attacks to the Next Level

9:38 Machine Unlearning: The Critical Art of Teaching AI To Forget

15:42 What’s in New York’s ‘First-Ever’ Cyber Strategy?

Notable Mentions:

22:30 Microsoft Exchange Updates Pulled After Breaking Non-English Installs

23:19 America’s Original Hacking Supergroup Creates a Free Framework To Improve App Security

24:26 Syncro Launches New MSP Partner Plan

25:25 EvilProxy Cyberattack Flood Targets Execs via Microsoft 365

26:22 Resource of the Week: Backblaze Sees Uptick in 8 and 10TB Drive Failures

27:18 Feedback

27:34 Community Events

29:00 Sign-off

30:51 Outtakes