MSP Dispatch (Video)
MSP Dispatch (Video)
MSPs Struggling to Meet Cybersecurity Demands

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In this episode of MSP Dispatch we touch on how cybercriminals are targeting telecom provider networks, ITGlue’s data loss on January 17th – January 18th and how over 4,000 Sophos firewall devices are vulnerable to RCE attacks.

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0:00 Teaser

Intro Banter

4:04 Cybercriminals Target Telecom Provider Networks

10:27 ITGlue Data Loss on 1/17 and 1/18

17:07 Over 4,000 Sophos Firewall devices vulnerable to RCE attacks

22:50 Notable Mentions

26:24 Feedback

26:43 Community Events

28:29 Sign-off

30:19 Outtakes