OITVOIP Partner First (Audio)
OITVOIP Partner First (Audio)
From Good to Great: Improving Customer Experience and Efficiency with Chat and AI feat. Bobby Jacobs (Audio)

Join Bobby Jacobs of Thread and our CEO Ray Orsini on May 3rd at 1pm for a webinar that will help take your business to the next level!

We understand that in the competitive MSP market, it’s essential to provide the best customer experience and optimize your operations. That’s why we’re excited to share our insights on how to leverage integrated chat and AI to achieve these goals.

During this webinar, you will learn:

• How to use Thread’s integrated chat within Teams or Slack to provide seamless support to your clients, increase communication efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

• How to integrate Thread with your PSA to improve operational efficiency and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

• The benefits of using AI to automate time entries and prioritize tickets, freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks.

By tuning in live, you’ll gain valuable insights into the benefits of integrated chat and AI, which can help you provide excellent customer service and optimize your operations.

Join us and learn how to take your MSP business from good to great!

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Bobby Jacobs: