AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
Ancient AI Aliens – AI Roundup Ep. 17 (Audio)

On today’s AI Roundup, we’re talking Turing tests Alternatives, ancient cuneiform tablet translations, and tackling AI Bias in banking. Plus, a look at Midjourney 5.2’s new Zoom Out feature.

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0:00 Teaser

0:34 Intro/Events

Actual Impact:

1:18 Secret Invasion Uses AI for Its Opening Credits

3:05 Archaeologists Use Artificial Intelligence to Translate 5,000-year-old Cuneiform Tablets

T4:17 he people paid to train AI are outsourcing their work… to AI

Big Picture:

6:21 A.I. is now the biggest spend for nearly 50% of top tech executives across the economy: CNBC survey

7:40 DeepMind’s co-founder suggested testing an AI chatbot’s ability to turn $100,000 into $1 million to measure human-like intelligence

9:49 A.I. has a discrimination problem. In banking, the consequences can be severe

Use Case:

12:48 Midjourney 5.2 brings zoom out and integrated prompt analysis