MSP Dispatch (Audio)
MSP Dispatch (Audio)
FCC Vote on Net Neutrality, NIST Seeks NVD Help, Microsoft Unbundles Office and Teams | 4/5

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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover FCC voting on restoring Net Neutrality rules, NIST wanting help digging out of its NVD backlog and Microsoft unbundling Office and Teams.

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  • 4/9 @ 1:00 pm ET | Boost Your MRR in 60 Days with SaaS-A-Nomics
  • 4/9 In Person Event | The Cyber Defense Lab – Built for MSPs: Houston, TX
  • 4/10 – 4/11 In Person Event | ChannelPro SMB Summit: Orlando, FL

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  • 4/5 @ 11:00 am ET | MSP Community Live Ep. 31
  • 4/5 @ 5:00 pm ET | 38 at 38 Ep. 23 with Lucas Anderson
  • 4/6 @ 10:00 am ET | MSP Dispatch

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0:00 Teaser

0:51 Intro Banter

2:41 FCC Will Vote on Restoring Net Neutrality Rules

8:45 NIST Wants Help Digging Out of Its NVD Backlog

13:53 Microsoft Unbundles Office and Teams Globally Following Years-Long Criticism

18:54 Google Agrees To Delete Chrome Browsing Data of 136 Million Users

19:53 CompTIA Launches AI Learning and Certifications

20:48 You Can Now Use ChatGPT Without an Account

21:37 Microsoft Beefs Up Defenses in Azure AI

22:22 AI Roundup

25:28 Community Events

26:52 Sign-off

28:31 Outtakes