MSP Dispatch (Audio)
MSP Dispatch (Audio)
New Microsoft’s Partner Benefits, AWS Marketplace Expansion, Mapping the AI Threat Landscape | 1/26

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On this episode of MSP Dispatch we cover, Microsoft announcing new partner benefits packages, AWS expanding it’s marketplace to include third-party services, and Researchers map AI threat landscape.

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Community Events:

  • 1/26 @ 12:00 pm ET | Channel Engage January
  • 1/30 In Person Event | N-able Roadshow: Birmingham, Alabama
  • 1/30 @ 1:00 pm ET | From Compliance to Resilience: Building Security Programs That Reduce Risk and Grow Revenue

MSP Media Network:

  • 1/26 @ 12:00 pm ET | Bits and Books Ep. 5: Hidden Potential by Adam Grant
  • 1/29 @ 10:00 am ET | AI Roundup Ep. 57
  • 1/31 @ 1:00 pm ET | MSP Community Live Special | Basic Requirements for an MSP

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0:00 Teaser

0:50 Intro Banter

2:21 Microsoft Announces New Partner Benefits Packages

8:17 AWS Expands Marketplace To Include Third-Party Services

13:09 Researchers Map AI Threat Landscape

19:33 AWS Rival Wasabi Acquires Curio AI To Add Intelligence to Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Offering

20:21 iOS 17.3 Is Out, Adding Stolen Device Protection for Your iPhone

21:03 Apple Fixes First Zero-Day Bug Exploited in Attacks This Year

21:48 Google Chrome Adds New AI Features To Boost Productivity and Creativity

22:40 AI Roundup

24:25 Community Events

25:28 Sign-off