AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
Midjourney Profiles 16K Artists?!  – AI Roundup Ep. 52

The latest legal developments for AI are putting Midjourney into some very hot water! New evidence in the form of a spreadsheet containing 16,000 artists’ names has been submitted in a case against the AI image generating company and the fallout amongst the art world is intense.

Here’s a list of thousands of artists Midjourney’s AI is ripping off, creatives claim

Database of 16,000 Artists Used to Train Midjourney AI, Including 6-Year-Old Child, Garners Criticism

Midjourney AI developers caught copying artists to train generator

Midjourney Spreadsheet on

JonLam on X

Artists complain of AI ‘copyright infringement’ on Adobe Stock

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