AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
New YouTube Moderation for AI-Generated Content – AI Roundup Ep. 40

YouTube will make a significant policy shift that will redefine the landscape of content creation – when generative #AI is in use.

Disclosing generative AI’s usage in videos mandatory marks a crossroads between innovation and ethical #responsibility. Join Phil Buck, the host of AI Roundup, as he deep dives into this new policy (or at least what’s been revealed so far,) citing implications for videos that appear realistic or altered, emphasizing the importance of #transparency in an age where deception is a few clicks away.

We’ll look at the upcoming labeling requirements, scrutiny over topics that include politics and public health, viral songs, and the critical role of disclosure when maintaining integrity in a digital space.

YouTube Official Blog: Our approach to responsible AI innovation

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