AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
Do You Want SkyNet? Because That’s How You Get SkyNet – AI Roundup Ep. 25

In today’s episode of AI Roundup, we explore why The Columbus Dispatch paused its AI sports writing program and look at the U.S. Air Force’s big plans for AI-powered drones. We also discuss a world-first in medical technology that’s enabling paralyzed people to communicate, the current debate on AI’s role in Hollywood scripts, and Microsoft introduces an innovative “Algorithm of Thoughts.” Lastly, find out how ElevenLabs is making strides in voice technology that could revolutionize accessibility.

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0:00 Teaser

0:55 Intro

Actual Impact:

2:31 Dispatch pauses AI sports writing program

3:39 The US Air Force wants $6 billion to build 2,000 AI-powered drones

4:59 Paralyzed woman able to ‘speak’ through digital avatar in world first

The Big Picture:

6:15 Studios’ Offer to Writers May Lead to AI-Created Scripts That Are Copyrightable

8:04 Microsoft Infuses AI With Human-Like Reasoning Via an “Algorithm of Thoughts”

Use Case:

10:09 ElevenLabs’ AI Voice Generator Can Replicate Your Voice in 30 Languages