AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
Cash for AI Crooners and the Deepfake Dilemma – AI Roundup Ep. 23

On today’s AI Roundup, we plunge into The New York Times’ latest move to block AI content scrapers, raising questions about the future of content accessibility. As Google serenades the music industry with its AI deepfake melodies, we ponder: is this innovation or imitation? Then, the curious case of Nao Medical – is this NYC clinic’s weird web presence a symptom of AI gone wild? LabGenius in South London presents a bright spark in the medical world with AI-imagined antibodies. With the rise of AI deepfakes, a new platform offers hope for victims, but will it truly safeguard our digital identities? Lastly, from Barbies to biases, a video essay unravels the twisted realities of AI image generators.

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0:45 Intro

Actual Impact:

1:27 The New York Times shields its content from AI’s prying eyes.

2:49 Google sings a duet with Universal Music, opening doors to AI deepfake melodies.

4:40 Is Nao Medical’s bizarre online content a side effect of AI overdose?

Big Picture:

6:46 LabGenius’ AI solution: a revolutionary approach to creating medical antibodies.

8:44 Protecting intimate images in the age of AI: a beacon of hope or a drop in the ocean?

10:04 Unraveling the tangled web of biases in AI image generators.

12:16 Use Case: Midjourney Outage!