AI Roundup (Audio)
AI Roundup (Audio)
Alert! AI Influencers are Coming to Ruin the Internet! – AI Roundup Ep. 22

On today’s AI Roundup, we dive into the heated debate over AI-generated art as Dungeons & Dragons fans express their disdain, leading to a ban by the franchise. OpenAI makes strides in data transparency by allowing site owners to block its web crawler, while virtual AI influencers are fashion’s new million-dollar babies, posing as real humans and striking mega deals. Meanwhile, Meta’s recent move from the scientific realm of protein folding AI to profit-driven projects is making waves. Amid the rising AI content crisis, digital watermarking emerges as a potential solution, but is it enough? Lastly, is the internet falling victim to the AI revolution? AI’s role in bypassing traditional captchas and flooding the web with potentially fake content might be leading us to the “dead internet”.

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AI Alert!

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0:00 Teaser

0:49 Intro

Actual Impact:

2:23 D&D fans turned off by A.I.-generated art spurred a Hasbro unit into banning it.

4:35 Now you can block OpenAI’s web crawler

6:18 Meet the AI influencers ALREADY making millions from mega deals with fashion giants

Big Picture:

8:34 Meta disbands protein-folding team in shift towards commercial AI

10:10 Tech Companies’ New Favorite Solution for the AI Content Crisis Isn’t Enough

11:56 AI is ruining the internet

14:19 AI Alert!